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Running FOR the people of the 29th

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I Believe:

1) in a state where everyone’s voice is heard.

2) in saying where I stand and VOTING the same.

3) in the rule of law, stronger victim’s rights and supporting our great nation and the foundations upon which it was built.

4) that parents should be the ultimate authority regarding their childrens’ education.

5) we SHOULD NOT be putting our children in the line of fire like the HB400 resolution that my opponent allowed to pass through HIS committee.

Time to put the people of the First State First AGAIN !


  • North American Information Specialist For Microsoft Technologies
  • Former school teacher
  • Committed Volunteer
  • Family Man and life long Delawarean

I am asked as I go door to door, “What are your key issues? What do you hope to accomplish when you get to Dover?” My answer is always the same:

1. Education: Our School System needs help.! We spend in the top 10% of all states per student but yield in the lower 15% scholastically.

2. I will support to the best of my ability our Military, Police, Fire and EMT workers who put their lives on the line . to protect you and me.

3) I will work (and have a plan) to lower our growing homeless population and address the rising crime in our . state.

4) And I will use the monetary surplus we have in our coffers to aid our senior citizens and those who most need . our help

I have met amazing people during my door-to-door visits. All the people I have talked to say with one voice, “We are fed up and ready for a change!” I tell them the only way to affect change is to vote for someone with fresh ideas that won’t cater to the political bullies and who will stand his/her ground on moral and ethical ideals.

I, and others like me, represent that change. A change towards keeping the family intact and the parents involved in every aspect of their children’s lives. I ask that you vote for me on November 8th, 2022. I will be the voice of the people not the people with political ambitions and agendas.

Join us! We are a very fast-growing movement with people from all walks of life. You can be a part of this by simply clicking the “Contact” Button and letting us know. We will get back to you quickly.