I grew up in Wilmington and in the late 60’s we moved to northern New Castle County. I graduated from Concord High School and received a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Education from the University of Delaware

Although I lost a daughter at a very young age, I have a son that lives with his wife and three children in the Townsend area.

My father was a small business owner (located in Milton DE and then in Wilmington) and I grew up in that environment, learning at an early age how to effectively deal with the public.

After graduating I taught for a few years until I was “riffed” and never called back along with about 100 other English teachers throughout the county.

In order to support my new family, I took a job in retail until I could get my foot into the world of Information Technology. I have been in that world ever since, rising to the position of North American consultant for Microsoft Technologies for the Inacom and Hewlett Packard companies.

I have volunteered in a number of ways to help my community. I have volunteered for the Wheels for Meals program in North Wilmington, Tutored the elderly in the use of technology, entertained for many years at an Alzheimer’s home in Wilmington, and am a Life Saver at the Delmarva Blood Bank.

I have always been interested and in some way involved with politics. I have been involved with many campaigns and many of them have been successful in their attempts. I have authored speeches for candidates and have offered my data expertise in aiding some candidates in their bid for election.

The one thing above all else that I have learned is that I can learn from every single individual I encounter. That is probably why you will see my wife and I talking at length with every person we meet and learning all about them and their histories.

I pledge to vote my conscience when I am elected and to be the voice of the people of my district. That is what a legislator is meant to do.

My ultimate goal in running is to better the lives of the people of thje 29th District as well as the people of the state that has been my home for many decades.

I thank you and hope that you will consider me on November 8th!

I believe in…

  • The Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitution of the State of Delaware
  • The right of every student to enjoy a quality education without fear of harm or injury
  • The rights of the victims to usurp the rights of the convicted criminals
  • That our Servicemen, Police, First responders, Firemen and all who serve our community should be held in high regard and supported in every way possible
  • That no one is ABOVE the law
  • That Family is the cornerstone of our civilization
  • and that elected officials should and must be answerable to the people.

Let’s put the people of the first state FIRST again.