What I stand for and what I won’t:

Hello, I am Marc Wienner, and I am running to be your next 29th District State Representative

1) I am running to protect parents’ rights! There are those that want the government to take control of our childrens’ development and take the parents out of the equation. I believe that every parent should be part of every important decision their child makes until at least the age of 18 (not 12 as some want)

2) I Stand with our Military, Police and our Firemen and Women. I reject the notion of the “Defund the Police” movement but rather we give these heroes the tools they need to help keep us safe.

3) At a time when inflation is hurting us all I want to reduce our tax burden on the people less able to cope with the rising prices, not raise them as the Democrats are tryng to do.

4. I am an avid supporter of the constitution AS written (both the US and the Delaware constitutions). That includes but is not limited to the second amendment. I enjoy an A rating with the NRA and am a member of the DSSA and have been for many many years, My opponent did not vote against raising the age limit for buying guns from 18 to 21. I would have voted against that!